This week at The Theatre Shed we went all Spooky for Halloween!

World of Workshops

This week members had the opportunity to come in fancy dress.We had some very cool and creepy costumes from pumpkins to pirates to wizards and withes!

In this weeks workshop members used their imaginations to create their own spooky themed stories based on the words ‘ The Forest’. The members created ideas for their stories by thinking of images that made them think of a forest. Their drawings were very creative and spooky this gave them great ideas for the perfect story full of unexpected twists and turns you may have never thought off!

We had a Halloween mini party with lots of cakes and sweets and surprising treats. Members also did some arts and crafts decorating gingerbread men and paper pumpkins. Not forgetting the Halloween themed dance off we’re members came up with their own scary Halloween dance moves.

Song of the Week

Who can you spot in this?….

What’s Up World

This month is international Walk to School Month. Walking can have a positive impact not only on our health but our mental health and the environment. Did you know that walking at least 30 minutes everyday can help to reduce the chances of heart disease. By doing physical activity such as walking it is thought to cause chemical changes in our brain which can help us to get in a more positive mood. When you decide to walk or cycle instead of taking the car you are positively impacting the environment as fumes and gases are not going into the atmosphere. You are also helping to save the Penguins and Polar Bears.

In other fun world news checkout these pooches and their Halloween costumes.https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/50125434

Thought of the Week

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

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